Updated: Sunscreen

Notice: This is an update from my last sunscreen post in Nov 2014.

Good news, we have discovered a new sunscreen that is approx 5x better than one featured in the last post!!

This sunscreen is a Japanese brand – It glides on your skin without leaving any oily residue or a strong smell.


It has an SPF of 50+ and is one of FoodieGuru’s favourites!
It comes in gel, milk and lotion forms but the UV Super Moisture Essence is the best.

Buy it here for $10.44 with free shipping🙂

The superfood – Cucumber

Cucumbers are Our Food of the Week

FoodieGuru loves snacking on cucumbers because they are inexpensive, high in antioxidants and can improve the complexion and health of your skin!
Cucumbers are high in water content which gives them their cooling and refreshing effect to our body.

So what is the best way to enjoy this delicious vegetable?

  • When shopping, look for the cucumber that is the greenest in colour
  • Make sure you wash first with water
  • Don’t peel the skin (saves time and its healthier)
  • Don’t slice the cucumber into small round shapes, this makes them oxidise faster. Instead, just chew right in!
  • One side of the cucumber contains higher antioxidant than the other: The side that is greener in shade, try not the slice the whole bulk of the end off, instead just slice the end tip slightly. You don’t want to waste the best bit!
    Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.31.38 pm.png

What type of Tofu is best?

Homemade tofu!

Tofu: you either love it, or you haven’t had it prepared well.  It is high in protein, low in cost, and easy to work with! Tofu’s can vary in taste depending on what kind of coagulant it was made with.


But what is tofu, anyway? It’s soybean milk—not from fuzzy green edamame pods, but from mature white soybeans—boiled, curdled, and pressed, similar to dairy cheese. The soybeans are soaked and ground into a slurry which is warmed with water, then strained to become soy milk. This milk is combined with a coagulant.

There are many different coagulants used to make tofu (magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, or magnesium sulfate) but FoodieGuru likes his tofu the traditional way, using Nigari as the coagulant. Nigari is the dried liquid (mostly magnesium chloride) that remains after common table salt has been removed from seawater. It is natural from the sea, contains all the essential nutrients for the body without the salt.

When FoodieGuru has the time, he prefers to make his own tofu and its not as hard as it sounds, you can try it too! Why make tofu yourself? Because you want to experience it at its peak — freshly made, creamy, and subtly sweet. Homemade tofu is as precious as homemade bread.

The soymilk and coagulant are simmered until the curds and whey separate, then placed into cloth-lined molds and pressed until the whey drains out. The amount of pressing time is relative to the quantity of curds and the desired firmness; it averages around 15-20 minutes. The longer it’s pressed, the more whey is released and the firmer the finished product will become.

Homemade Tofu Tutorial_3.jpg

Homemade Tofu Tutorial_1.jpg

You can watch this tutorial to guide you through your tofu-making experience:

Kitchen Habits to Keep You Healthy!

  1. New kitchenware:

    If you shop for new kitchenwares such as bamboo steamers, glazed cups, bowls or teapots, soak them in water for a few hours and wash them a couple of times before you use them, this will remove the chemicals which may be harmful to your body.
  2. Stop using baking paper!
    During production, some are bleached using chlorine, this means that when it is heated, it can leach dioxin toxin. Baking paper is also coated with silicon to make it non-stick which may transfer to your food when heated. It is best to use the old-fashioned method of greasing baking trays when cooking.
  3. Washing fresh produce
    Do not wash them with soap, you don’t want to fight chemical with chemical! Another popular method that is also unhealthy is to also wash them with vinegar. Instead just wash them with lukewarm water, you can help by brushing them while washing.
  4. Juicing:

    Avoid slow juicers
    Cold press is also not the best but better than slow juicers
    Pulp is your friend: Juice with pulp is 3-5x better for your health. Best ratio is 1/3 pulp and 2/3 juice.

Stay Healthy🙂 (L)




Tomatoes are so delicious but did you know that the way you eat them makes a difference to your health. FoodieGuru has never liked eating raw tomatoes, he prefers them cooked.
Either steamed/grilled or in soup!

And as for types of tomatoes? Although cherry tomatoes are so cute and easy to eat.. they are actually not to good for you, so next time you go grocery shopping, remember to buy the normal sized ones🙂

How should you have you fish?

This trip to Los Angeles, I learnt something new..
Pop quiz. What is the healthiest way to consume your fish, sashimi or fried?

You may think that the fresher it is, the healthier, so if you answer is sashimi then you are wrong. Protein from sashimi is in a form that cannot be absorbed as easily by our body.

We will normally think if this fish has 100g of protein and if we eat the whole fish we have consumed 100g of protein. But this is not true. In its raw form, the body cannot absorb 100% of the protein.

Of course each types of fish will be different but for instance, we look at the salmon. We can only absorb 48% of the protein from salmon in its raw form compared to when it has been seared/aburi (lightly cooked on the outside) 60%.

Cooked fish transforms the meat inside to be in a form where the body can absorb the protein much better. Consuming cooked fish allows you to absorb all 100% protein. The method of cooking does not affect the amount of absorbable protein (smoked, made into soup, steamed, grilled, fried or boiled) but may affect other factors such as antioxidant, fat etc.

Another factor is consuming fish that has been frozen for too long/ not fresh. There is a time limit before the protein in the fish is completely gone. Fresh is always best!

FoodieGuru enjoys his sashimi, but if we talk about protein consumption, cooked fish is the winner!

P.s. For vegetarians, we have good news, the best protein is from soy milk so you don’t need to worry about the fish🙂

Tips for finding the right shoes

Have you ever switched shoes and found that it caused you to have back pain, knee pain, or foot pain? Ill-fitting shoes put the feet in unhealthy positions, which can lead to an injury.

It all depends how sensitive we are to our bodies, some may not feel the pain of wearing the wrong shoe only to find out years later the damage can be costly in more ways than one, taking their toll on your spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet, while altering your posture and gait.

Signs you are wearing the wrong shoe

  • Your toes graze the tip of your shoes
  • You have blisters, calluses, or bruised toenails
  • Your arches ache at the end of the day
  • Your shoes are old (worn out shoes no longer provide the necessary support)
  • Other signs that you need an upgrade: Your shoes are noticeably creased, or they list to one side or the other when you place them on a flat surface.

Wearing the correct shoe is critical to your health, here is a fun infographic on how high heels affect the human body


Tips from FoodieGuru when choosing the correct footwear:

  1. Avoid high heels or platforms
  2. Stay away from soft/memory foam shoes. Reason for this is that the soft sole will mould to your foot so if your ankle falls either inwards or outwards instead of supporting the foot, it will support your bad habit.
  3. Don’t buy shoes that are “boat shaped” in other words have a curve in them. When the shoe is curving up at the end or in the inside, you will have trouble to step/ pump your foot flat on the ground. When you are constantly floating as you walk, the muscles of your body that end at your feet will not be able to engage.
  4. Avoid shoes that are too tight for obvious reasons
  5. Beware of ballet flats / shoes that have a very thin sole because as you walk, the lightness of the shoe will have you swinging your knee and legs more encouraging you to “kick” when you walk which will cause you to have a knee problem / injury.
  6. Even when you get a good shoe, remember that after a few months, it would have Moulded to the shape of your foot so it is best to replace these shoes and start neutral again while you fix your walk.


Tips to test the shoes:

  • If you have learnt natural walking, you can stand with your weight in the middle, and feel how your muscles and body posture is in the shoes your in.
  • Continue to key 1 and 2 – are you able to pump with these shoes?
  • Continue to key 3-5 is your body weight in the middle or does it start to sway to the left and right side of the sole of the foot?
  • Walk a few steps to make sure you can feel adjustments happening while wearing the shoes
  • To be more sensitive you can try wearing a bad pair of shoes e.g. Heeled and test them out the same way to really feel the best shoe for you!


FoodieGuru tried over 50+ shoes and found these two to be his favourite🙂

Introducing the chosen classic: Men’s Nike Air Force 1 (low)
Make sure you don’t get the mid/high tops because the design and fit is different.
These shoes give maximum support for your foot and encourage proper usage of the muscles of your body. Unfortunately, the woman/kids versions of these shoes are not FoodieGuru approved as they have slight differences to the Men’s design and support.

AIR-FORCE-1-820266_008_E_PREMAIR-FORCE-1-820266_008_A_PREMScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.23.58 pmScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.23.52 pm


FoodieGuru himself got it in a Red/Black colourway


Good news for those who are picky! You can design your own colourway on the nike website! choose your own materials, colours and patterns – You can even personalise these by adding your own initials on the shoe.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.24.24 pm

You may feel that your body is adjusting as you wear these shoes so just relax for the adjustments to happen most naturally.

For discounts and cheaper price you can buy it on Amazon(Women’s)
Or here for (Men’s)

Or you can get it from the official nike site for $90 click here 


The second pair of shoes FoodieGuru bought were the Nike SB Clutch!
These are a unisex shoe and sizes run smaller which is good news for the kids and women but these shoes cannot be customised.


They are available in a few colours, you may find more varieties online/in your local store:


You can get them for $45.50 – $109.00 click here to buy

Please keep in mind that everybody is unique, so there will never be 1 solution for everybody, you may have narrower/thicker/wider feet so best to try them on and test them out for yourself.

What is more important than wearing the correct shoe? The way you ‘wear’ your legs impacts the health of an individual. If you want to know how well you walk or how you should be walking towards better health, stay tuned for the next post about Secrets of Natural Walking. In the meantime, if you are interested in correcting your walk and posture, you can visit the website here!

Thats it for now, if we spot more healthy shoes, we will let you know🙂🙂 Happy shopping!