10 Surprising Foods to Stay Away From

Check with your heart:
How does it feel if you eat the following food everyday for 2 months? 1 year?
How does it feel if you do not eat the following food everyday for 2 months? 1 year?

1. Mustard
Do not eat food that contains mustard of any kind. FoodieGuru will not even consume a drop of mustard.


2. Tomato Sauce
Ketchup is filled with colours and preservatives, if you like tomato sauce with your food, it is a good idea to make your own by heating up fresh tomatoes/tomato paste and add some garlic/salt.ketchup1

3. Whipped Cream
Whipped cream has been modified from its original form by humans, it is unnatural and the body has trouble flushing/processing it. It may take days/weeks and slow down the metabolism.


4. Chips / Fries
If you want to gain weight quickly, this is the way to go, each is saturated with oil. If you are in love with your chips/fries a healthier alternative would be corn chips which can be consumed occasionally.chips-166840_640french-fries-218206_640

5. Salad Dressing
Eat your salad fresh! If you add dressing on the fresh leaves, it defeats the purpose of eating a healthy meal. Try to order salads with dressing on the side at restaurants so have control of what you consume.Italian_dressing

6. Mayonnaise
Never dip any of your food in mayonnaise! Try to eat your food fresh by minimising the amount of added sauce e.g. tomato sauce, sriracha etc.. but good chilli is always good 🙂

7. Soft Drinks
Soft drinks are best avoided, zero sugar soft drinks are the worst because they use sugar substitutes. Next time you are thirsty, try some green tea/soya milk/water or barley.


8. Candy/Lollies
This one was very difficult for me to give up.. I use to eat a whole pack a day & save secret stashes everywhere I go.. In my car/ bed/ work. But I have given these up and never felt better, since then my skin has improved and I do not crash as quickly during the day.

9. Bubble Tea
I use to be addicted to this stuff.. after doing a heart check on how these feel? I have now given it up completely.

10. Frozen Yoghurt
These are marketed as being “guilt-free” and “healthy alternative” to icecream but infact is worse.. Read more about which icecream FoodieGuru likes best post.

IMG_4131 copy


3 thoughts on “10 Surprising Foods to Stay Away From

  1. I am wondering about being out at night. I work 7 nights every 28 days indoors in a building, it is well lit and I have time to Pray, meditate, walk etc. However in winter I finish 8am and it is dark, get home straight to bed and when I wake up it is getting dark. Is there any tips on how to minimize the effect of working nights may have on our mood, body, Heart etc? Thank you Lotus 🙂


    1. Hi Dermot, although we do suggest that being awake at night time is not ideal because of the increase in yin (cold) energy. We recommend that you wear extra layers of clothing because although it is not to cold physically, this will minimise the amount of yin energy that enters your body.

      Good luck

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi FoodieGuru, thank you so much for the advice it will be acted on in the future. Of course, you are correct, it isn’t an ideal life situation, humans aren’t nocturnal and it is always very difficult to slip in to night or day mode during these night shifts. Maybe in the future the option of day work will appear 🙂 once again, thank you for the advice.


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