How to choose Chocolates

Tip #1
Dark chocolate is best, followed with milk chocolate then white chocolate.

Tip #2
Try to choose a good quality / brand and avoid cheapie chocolate that contain wax.

Tip #3
The healthiest chocolate that will minimize weight gain is ones that do not have a ganache / soft filling of caramel etc. Try to stick to plain chocolate blocks or wafer instead of eating truffles and chocolate bon-bons.

Tip #4
If you are worried about gaining weight, drink tea before and after consuming your chocolate to help you digest it faster.

Tip #5
No matter how good it tastes – Avoid Nutella.

Tip #6
Don’t Eat too much!!

Chocolate recommended by FoodieGuru:

Buy Lindt 85% Cocoa


 Buy Bark Thins: Pumpkin Seed

Buy Kit Kat Chunky

If you have a favourite chocolate and want FoodieGuru to Rate it, Leave us a comment!

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