It’s not all about the food

Many people are concerned about the food they eat. Although it does play a part in our health and wellbeing, there are many other factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You can start by waking up in the morning and instead spending the time indoors, to get up, walk outdoors in the nature.

The sun rises in the East, and the Earth rotates, as the sun hits the Earth the best time to be outdoors is in the morning because you are protected from the direct sunlight.

There is yin (cold) and yang (hot), after 8pm the yin in the energy increases and that is why it is best to be indoors after this time.


One thought on “It’s not all about the food

  1. Hi FoodieGuru, I am wondering about being out at night. I work 7 nights every 28 days indoors in a building, it is well lit and I have time to Pray, meditate, walk etc. However in winter I finish 8am and it is dark, get home straight to bed and when I wake up it is getting dark. Is there any tips on how to minimize the effect of working nights may have on our mood, body, Heart etc? Thank you Lotus 🙂


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