Peppermint Spirits

FoodieGuru highly recommend these Peppermint Spirits, and keep in mind that brand matters.

The way the product was processed, the way the product was packaged etc will make a difference in the quality. This also works both ways, it does not mean that all products from the same brand are good. We check with the heart to know the real truth. We have done the heart check for you and the recommended brand is Herb Pharm.


Benefits: Digestion, when you catch a cold, sore throat etc
How to take it: Add 2-3 drops in water, stir and drink.
Tips: Do not leave it too long in the water, try to drink it soon after mixing it to the water

You can buy them here for only $8.64


5 thoughts on “Peppermint Spirits

    1. Hi Guillaume,

      Aloe Vera based products have a cooling effect. However heart check says that it has a strong effect too the stomach which is why we do not recommend to consume this every day. 🙂 Occasionally is okay. The product attached is below average of those that contain aloe vera inside.


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