The Best Fruits to Eat Regularly

Interestingly, many say the best fruits are “exotic” like acai berries or ones that are the heardest to obtain. But FoodieGuru knows that what nature dictates is best.

The fruits that are harder to get, more difficult to open such as pineapples are not to be eaten as regularly. Why did nature give pineapple/durian spikes? but not apples or blueberries? It the most natural indication that the fruit simply isn’t to be eaten everyday / by everyone.

Some fruits have a thinner/thicker skin this is how nature preserves the antioxidants within the fruit. Once the skin has been broken, the lifeforce countdown starts. Some fruits such as apples are better to be eaten with the skin, but not bananas or coconuts of course.

So when choosing which fruits to eat, follow your heart and opt for those fruits that are easiest to obtain by nature!

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