The Best Type of Sugar to add to your Food

Sometimes we all need to sweeten our food/drinks, sugar plays a big part of our diet so its good to know which type is best.

Lets start of with the worst:
1) Sugar substitute or artificial sweetners are to be avoided because they are human made and may cause adverse effects. artificial sweetner

2) Refined White Sugar contains bleach so is best avoided

3) Raw Sugar is a much better option than white sugar

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.21.34 pm

4) However, FoodieGuru favourite is Rock Sugar!
Not only these are a better option, they actually give you health benefits that other sugars dont.

Other alternatives include sweetening using good quality honey / maple syrup but some may be allergic so do not over consume. Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.30.42 pm
However, keep in mind that we want to minimise the amount of sugar/honey/maple syrup in our diet.


Feel free to ask other sweetners you use and FoodieGuru will let you know what he thinks about it!

4 thoughts on “The Best Type of Sugar to add to your Food

  1. Kris , loving the post !! Could you please ask Guru what he thinks of Stevia and Xylitol . With sugar being kept to a minimum , are these safe alternatives ?


    1. Hi Franca,

      Actually, FoodieGuru thinks that raw sugar/brown sugar/rocksugar are all better alternatives.
      Stevia, xylitol are both not very good to consume.
      However, keep in mind that there are many positive things within rocksugar, white sugar have both good and bad because it contains bleach (the way it was processed).

      Sugar is not bad, just don’t consume it excessively 🙂
      Hope that helps


      1. Thank you Kris …it is funny how I have felt intuitively before about sugar …the bleaching and the extra additives and food colourings they add is what is bad not the actual sugar . It was good to have Guru confirm it .


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