Top 3 Office Snacks

FoodieGuru’s favourite top 3 office snacks, mainly because theres a fresh supply from the backyard. Tasty and healthy!

1. White Radish (Daikon) + teriyaki sauce
 IMG_4262 IMG_4263

The benefits are:
1. Weight Loss
2. Cardiovascular Health
3. Fight Cancer
4. Eases Respiration
5. Naturally Cooling
6. Promotes Digestion
7. Reduces Blood Pressure
8. Boosts immunity
9. Clears Skin

2. Mulberries (Picked fresh from the tree) muls
Benefits are:
1. Source of Antioxidants
2. Immune system support
3. Supports healthy blood sugar

3. Lettuce in a Pot
Benefits are:
1. Low Calorie Content
2. Low Glycemic Index

Tell us your favourite office snacks and we will let you know what FoodieGuru thinks of it!

4 thoughts on “Top 3 Office Snacks

  1. I’m taking the lettuce in a pot challenge. I just planted a few seeds several days ago in a window sill pot and the seeds sprouted. Should be fun!


  2. ok…so lettuce in pot window sill challenge was not a success due to poor lighting condition. but, in a few more months, spring is arriving and i’ll be able to buy lettuce transplants at local stores for the outdoor garden. it was a good run.


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