Where to Store your Water

Many of you know that having water handy when you are travelling or exercising is important. But pay close attention to where you store your water because the container affects the quality of the water.

FoodieGuru noticed that many plastic/ materials when in contact with water releases certain unhealthy chemicals that spoil the water.

E.g. you can feel that when you eat your food on styrofoam that there are negative effects.

FoodieGuru has looked around for a good water bottle and while some may claim that it is BPA free etc etc.. FoodieGuru chooses with the heart as the processing of the materials may effect the final product.

Thermos Brand is one brand that does not affect the water.


Water Bottles in various colours Buy here for $13.40 




This 16 ounce vacuum insulated thermos bottle is great because it keeps the water hot for 12 hrs and cold for 24 hours. FoodieGuru brings this around to make hot tea throughout the day. Easy to use & Carry. This particular one comes with tea infuser.

Only $26.05 Buy it here

For the Kids, we have patterns and designs from Hello Kitty to Disney to choose from!

Hello Kitty flask: Buy it here $8.99


Disney Flask Buy it here for $14.59

Look at more designs and variations on the THERMOS website.
Please feel free to ask if you want your current bottle checked!

2 thoughts on “Where to Store your Water

  1. Hello sweet foodie guru! Your sharing here is so wonderful and much appreciated.:):):).
    I wonder if foodie guru has any feelings on immunizations/vaccinations, for children in particular but also for adults. If it happens that foodie guru has a sharing on this subject, I would be very grateful to know!
    WLL 🙂 🙂 🙂


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