Update on ‘How to cook your food’

After collecting comments and questions about different techniques to cook your food, we have compiled a more thorough list in order of health / level of nutrition left in food. See below

1) Fresh

2) Soup

3) Steam

4) Boiled

5) Baked

6) Roast

7) Grill

8) Strifry

9) Panfry

10) Deepfry

However, keep in mind that there are times stir fry and panfry better than eating food uncooked: e.g. if you have fish 2-3 days old, you don’t want to eat it fresh because it has some bacteria.

4 thoughts on “Update on ‘How to cook your food’

  1. This blog is great! Love the logo too πŸ™‚

    I wonder what how FoodieGuru feels about cooking in microwave or warming up in microwave.


  2. Hi FoodieGuru..

    Lately I’ve been making large pots of vegetable soup and having the soup over a 3 day period. So when I make it on the 1st day, it is fresh..on the 2nd day I reheat on the hob and 3rd day etc.. so my question is, is this a good practice? Or as I suspect fresh is always best, but I live on my own and making soup to last a few days seems to make sense for ease of lifestyle, but, Would the soup quality and nutrition levels drop dramatically making it unfeasible to make large pots? although 2nd day soup is soooo tasty πŸ™‚


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