Which Food on Your Plate Should you Eat First?

Happy New Years 2015!
What is your new years resolution? If you don’t already have one, try this one as a good new dietary habit.

Did you know that the order of food that you eat affects your health?


When you are hungry, what you put in your mouth first will be absorbed by the body the most. This occurs most often during breakfast, after sleeping (not eating) for over 6+ hours. When you can, start off with fruits / vegetables and the most healthy things on your plate.

This may be why dessert is served last. The word “dessert” comes from Old French “desservir,” “cleaning the table,” and that’s what it did—it filled people up over the brim. Back in the days sugar was so expensive usually only the wealthy could indulge on special occasions, so it wasn’t eaten daily.

Apples and lettuce are among the least addictive foods, those most likely to have us hooked include salty fast food , sugary and fatty biscuits and pastries and ice-cream. We seem to always have room for dessert so remember when you are hungry/craving snacks, try to eat nutritious healthy food first before you eat the snack, this will leave you feeling more satisfied.

e.g. if you are craving a chocolate cake, try and eat an apple before the cake, you will find yourself eating less of the cake and feeling more satisfied and grateful.

Good luck 🙂

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