NEW Tasty Cereal Choice!

If you are bored of your usual cereal/muesli and want to try something new:
Here is FoodieGuru’s choice! OATMEAL SQUARES


They are filling, delicious and crunchy and healthy & FoodieGuru approved.
They come in 5 different flavours & make a great snack too.

Click here to buy CINNAMON Flavour 

Click here to buy ‘hint of’ BROWN SUGAR Flavour 

Click here to buy HONEY NUT Flavour

Click here to buy GOLDEN MAPLE Flavour

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Get creative and add your own mix of fresh fruits in the cereal!

I’m sure the kids will love them too!

3 thoughts on “NEW Tasty Cereal Choice!

  1. Dearest Guru and Krissan, Thank you so much! I have a question about Bach flower remedies. I used these years ago and they seemed effective. Now I just rely on True Source to help, but I do wonder what Guru thinks of these and their usefulness. Thanks so much for all you do Sweetheart! with Love, Dana Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 16:19:47 +0000 To:


  2. Quaker uses oats that have been sprayed with pesticides and use other chemical based preservatives when oats are in storage. Also these seem quite processed, curious about why these are considered healthy? Or is it just healthy relative to someone eating pastries or fast food? Thank you 🙂


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