Vegetable Discovery

Food choice of the Month: Whitlof!
Or otherwise known as Endive or Chicory

This beautiful vegetable has endless antioxidants & is great for your body.
Cigar-shaped witlof, also known as Belgian endive or chicory, has smooth, firm white leaves with pale yellow tips. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Both the green and yellow ones are delicious! Try and eat a couple of leaves use your heart and feel the effects on your body. If these were found easier from the supermarkets here FoodieGuru would be eating whitlof everyday.

Witlof has tender, succulent leaves with a mildly assertive flavour.

Witlof is low in kilojoules and is sodium and fat free.

chicory 304210929

  • Serve torn leaves with other salad greens, such as spinach.
  • Fill individual leaves with dips and fillings.

For those who have tried them! Share us your recipes 🙂

7 thoughts on “Vegetable Discovery

  1. Love endives, both David & I do. Used to serve it with a touch of light mustard vinagrette, but after reading the blog I rand what Foodie Guru said about mustard will change. I wonder what he has to say about vinegars. I am thinking of trying with a touch of olive oil, sea salt & cayenne. Hummus! will give it a try.


  2. Hi!  I am enjoying these foodie guru posts, thank you. I am curious where the “buy here now” links come from and who gets the money, when things are purchased.I am trying to decide whether to buy through these links or look for the products on my own. Thank you, Valerie


  3. Loved it with my pasta. Made a simple penne pasta with vegetables (Brussel sprouts, endive, asparagus, capsicum) in high heat and still a bit crunchy with crushed red pepper and Italian seasoning 🙂
    That’s my lunch today!


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