The best type of coconut for your health

If you are ever in a Indonesia, you have to get your hands on these coconuts. They are called “kelapa hijau” they are different from your normal coconut because when you slice it open, you will see a pink coloured inner skin instead of your usual yellow/brown.

They are not as common as the normal coconuts but you can get these from the local markets or ask your local friends, they should be around Rp8,000

Try to drink this everyday and you will feel a difference in your health, skin, and digestive system!

“Green coconut/Kelapa Hijau”

“Normal coconut”
They are good for cleansing your body from toxics and negativities and they have many benefits including:

1. Neutralize posion and free radicals in the body

2. Coconut water can improve blood circulation & cleanse the digestive system.

3. it doesn’t only improve your immune system, it also helps to fight various types of virus strains

4. If you have kidney stones, try to drink this regularly.

5. Coconut water can help with UTI

6. These coconuts are a great hangover cure

7. It is filled with electrolites and pottasium to help with blood pressure and organ function

Here is the one I had last time I was in Indonesia.. delicious and refreshing!



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