Are you making these common mistake when preparing your fruits?

Fruits make healthy snacks but many people do not maximise the nutrients and health benefits because they make the following common mistakes:

In cutting and preparing the fruits you want to make sure you DO NOT do any of the following:

1. Peeling off all the skin of the fruit:
This reduces the freshness of the fruits significantly because the more the fruit gets in contact with the air, oxidisation and the countdown for antioxidants 3 starts. If you can try to keep as much skin before you consume it.

2. Cutting the fruits up into very small pieces:
This also exposes more surface area of the fruit to the air causing them to spoil faster.
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.27.48 pm

3. Mixing them into a bowl:
We do not recommend you to mix the cut up fruits together. Having 1 type of fruit come in contact with a different type of fruit will cause a reaction which alters the health/ components of the fruit.

You can try this experiment
e.g. cutting onion, then  cut a banana with the same knife after.
Feel what the banana that came in contact with the onion knife feels like?
Then use a fresh knife to cut the banana again and feel what the banana that did not come in contact with the contaminated knife feels like.

This applies to all fruits so FoodieGuru generally avoids mix fruit bowls and keeps each type of fruit in a different cup/bowl.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.31.07 pm

4. If you can, try to wash your knife after cutting a fruit/vegetable to stop contamination/reaction:
Although we eat different fruits together in our mouth, there is something in our saliva that stop the bad reactions from happening between the food. So it is fine to eat different fruits /alternate at one time but do not prepare them this way.


5. Of course, eat as soon as possible 🙂

As much as this looks pleasing or attractive to the eye, the quality or health benefits has significantly decreased. 


Enjoy your Fruits!! (L) (F)

3 thoughts on “Are you making these common mistake when preparing your fruits?

  1. Thank you, FoodieGuru, for this post. Does this mean that a fruit smoothie is not the best option? I was also wondering if there are good combinations of fruits. Apparently, there are since FoodieGuru makes a juice of fruit combination 🙂


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