Are you making this mistake when you prepare your food?

There is a few things that seem insignificant that may affect the quality of your food. Last weekend, FoodieGuru noticed that the soup cooked felt strange and we traced it down, to find out the real cause.

The utensils used to cook!

When dipped into hot water, the plastic utensils reacted, causing a change in the chemical properties of the food/soup. Once, or twice may not seem to affect our health significantly but cooking with plastic utensils everyday will do considerable damage to our health.71RaaJacsxL._SL1500_

FoodieGuru prefers to use wooden/metal utensils instead. Please watch out for those ceramic knives which in its original state is fine but most commonly found already coated in plastic before sold in shops.

wooden_spoons_xl 31KCHB14THL._SX450_

If you want to be very careful, it is also best to avoid non-stick pans which use polytetrafluoroethylene,polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE to coat the metal surface.

When you bake – avoid using these plastic colourful utensils/ cupcake moulds and opt for metal ones.



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