Beauty Post – Face Masks

We all want that glowing, smooth skin and we can achieve that through a good diet and lifestyle. However, for a quick fix, we can also use face masks to help our skin improve.

FoodieGuru has seen the big array of face masks that are sold in cosmetic shops and found that most of them are not actually as promising as they seem.

However, passing by Sasa, found a mask that can bring great benefits for the skin. The brand “My Beauty Diary” offers many different types but there was only 2 that was good out of the whole range.


The best facemask was the Luffa Mask, Buy it Now Here

41kf0IkWTGL._SY300_ Free-shipping-my-beauty-diary-Luffa-mask-face-mask-Moisturizing-and-soothing-10pcs

Second Best is the Rose Brightening Aroma Mask


Please keep in mind that not all products will react the same on each person’s skin so check and feel whether this product suits you.

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