Kettles and Pans

It is frustrating to see just how many people are ruining their health day by day by cooking healthy food in harmful utensils/cooking equipment.

Investing in a good quality kettle is worth every cent. Avoid plastic kettles because as the water heats up, it changes quality as it comes in contact with the plastic at a temperature. Try to find kettles made of metal/glass.

Also, as I previously mentioned in my last post, try your best to avoid non-stick pans as the coating is poisonous to the body. FoodieGuru recommends cooking your food in WMF.

WMF (Made in Germany) manufactures high-quality cookware and will last you a lifetime. Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik (or WMF AG, “Metalware Factory of Wuerttemberg”)



Buy the 11 piece Diadem Cookware set in Silver here for $189.99

Buy the 7 piece Provence Plus Cookware set here for $121.59


2 thoughts on “Kettles and Pans

  1. Thank you Guru and Krissian for the handy tips on pans . I would like to purchase through this blog although it’s not opening …. Does it matter if it goes through here ??
    The prices seem very competitive on your blog ….awesome !! 💜


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