The Best and Natural way to Eat Your Salad

We know salad is good for us but did you know that the quality of your salad can decrease significantly after drenched with salad dressing?

Not only it is calorie-ridden, the freshness of the salad is contaminated with the oil or cream from the dressing. It is a pity as the dressing reacts with the vegetables causing them to lose their freshness, so you are not getting the good benefits from eating fresh veggies!

Can you feel the differences between the two above pictures? Try to feel with your heart.

Remember that similar to fruits, as soon as the protective skin has been cut.. the antioxidants will start decreasing so try to eat it as soon as you prepare it 🙂

FoodieGuru prefers to eats his salad without dressing 100% of the time.
Try to get into this habit, and after a few times you will not want to eat your salad any other way.

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