Kitchen Habits to Keep You Healthy!

  1. New kitchenware:

    If you shop for new kitchenwares such as bamboo steamers, glazed cups, bowls or teapots, soak them in water for a few hours and wash them a couple of times before you use them, this will remove the chemicals which may be harmful to your body.
  2. Stop using baking paper!
    During production, some are bleached using chlorine, this means that when it is heated, it can leach dioxin toxin. Baking paper is also coated with silicon to make it non-stick which may transfer to your food when heated. It is best to use the old-fashioned method of greasing baking trays when cooking.
  3. Washing fresh produce
    Do not wash them with soap, you don’t want to fight chemical with chemical! Another popular method that is also unhealthy is to also wash them with vinegar. Instead just wash them with lukewarm water, you can help by brushing them while washing.
  4. Juicing:

    Avoid slow juicers
    Cold press is also not the best but better than slow juicers
    Pulp is your friend: Juice with pulp is 3-5x better for your health. Best ratio is 1/3 pulp and 2/3 juice.

Stay Healthy 🙂 (L)


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